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Director of Operations & Supply Chain - Creavo Medical Technologies

Creavo Medical Technologies Ltd is a UK-based, privately held medical device company engaged in the development of innovative imaging technologies relating to cardiology.

The company was formed to commercialise sensor technology developed by Professor Ben Varcoe, Chair of Quantum Information Science at Leeds University and has facilities in Leeds and in Warwickshire UK.

Vitalscan received CE Marking and US FDA 510(k) approvals in 2017, to date the business has raised a significant PE investment and will commercialise in early 2018.

The Role

Reporting to the CEO, the Director of Operations and Supply Chain would have control of the Quality and Regulatory functions and be responsible for developing the manufacturing and supply chain processes as the business gears up for commercialisation.

The ideal candidate profile was someone who had implemented robust quality processes from scratch and worked in capital equipment within medical devices. Culturally they would be someone happy to work as part of a small team with an entrepreneurial spirit.

Creavo’s offices are in Coventry and the role would be primarily based in the office when not travelling.

Strategy & Outcome

Creavo engaged RMG to manage the campaign on a Retained Executive Search (headhunting) basis. This involved RMG identifying individuals with the relevant experience working for medical device manufacturers and proactively approaching them to discuss the role and establish their interest.

Within a month of being signed off on the recruitment, RMG had delivered a shortlist of four candidates who had all been interviewed in person to Creavo,

Following a robust three-stage interview process from Creavo which involved meeting with the Chairman of the company, an offer was made to the successful candidate. They had an engineering background and had progressed within a medium sized medical imaging business from a field service role to heading up the operations function globally. Due to the high potential for growth with Creavo and the exciting nature of the technology they were enticed away from a business they had worked in for 15 years of continuous employment.

An offer was accepted and the candidate is currently working their notice period*.

This is an excellent example of where RMG delivered a high calibre individual to our client who was not an active job seeker and did not have an updated CV when we made our initial approach. It is very unlikely that this individual would have been sourced through other means given they were not registered with recruitment agencies or looking for roles advertised on job boards.

(*) - June 2018

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