Case Studies

Diagnostic Imaging Arena - Talent Mapping


Our client is one the fastest growing providers of high end technology into the Diagnostic Imaging arena.

Having grown their UK business very successfully for a number of years, they realised that to develop further and become a true market leader, they would need to significantly enhance their talent acquisition strategy.

The Diagnostic Imaging sector is highly competitive, as a result employers have always put a real emphasis on employee retention, therefore acquiring genuine talent from competitor businesses is hugely challenging.  Furthermore as an emerging player in the market, our client did not necessarily possess the employer of choice status they aspired to.


During our initial briefing meeting , it quickly became apparent that talent mapping was the ideal means of satisfying our clients talent acquisition needs.  RMG proposed to undertake a complete mapping exercise of the UK’s Diagnostic Imaging sector and identified a number of direct competitors to research into.  The campaign would focus on identifying commercial (sales & marketing) and technical (clinical & engineering) talent, as well as establishing understanding of operational structures.

The initial phase of the campaign was to populate basic matrixes and hierarchical structures for each of the identified companies, this covered reporting lines, team sizes and role responsibilities.  In all just over 150 key individuals were identified, and then we began the process of candidate engagement.  With nearly 20 years experience as headhunters, we were able to swiftly, yet discreetly speak directly with all of these key individuals, and understand more about them.  We were then able to present detailed intelligence reports on each organisation highlighting where the genuine talent could be found and what factors would induce a decision to consider a move to our client.


As part of the campaign we were able to identify a number of individuals who the client was able to recruit with immediate effect into vacant positions.

Most beneficially, over the last two years, the client has been able to plan recruitment and expansion plans based on the likely availability of talent and as such recruit only the very best from the market.

An additional benefit to the campaign has been the acquisition of valuable competitor intelligence which has allowed for some significant changes in strategy and also the securing of an employer of choice status.