We're recruiting for consultants, but before you apply may we offer a few words of advice....

by Donna Lund

Since January 2016 we’ve been recruiting, both online and offline, for talented individuals to join our team. As a growing company we’re keen to grow our team also.

We’re a company that’s untypical of the recruitment industry. We embrace accountability, execution, creativity and learning. We publicly live our values and we’re very clear of our purpose – “to recruit outstandingly talented people who add long-term value to our clients”. We’re now in our 21st year and proudly independent.

We’re not telling porkies when we say “our team get the freedom and space to express their talents”.

And neither do we break promises when we say “our team are nurtured, supported, promoted and rewarded”. We’ve even got FREE parking, treat Fridays and social events.

So why hasn’t our team grown since January?

Why aren’t local candidates queuing at our door?

Why hasn’t our website crashed with the number of applications?

You tell me.

You don’t need a degree and we’re not looking for years of experience, in fact the fewer the better. We’re looking for someone who is lively, outgoing and a confident individual who will relish the opportunity to develop and advance in our organisation. A person who is never afraid of hard work and someone who comes across as an enthusiastic communicator.

Only recently we ran an advert on a few nationally-recognised job boards and within a week we’d received some good applications and some that we immediately wanted to talk to.

In our ad we ask applicants to give us a few lines to tell us why they’d like to work in the field of recruitment – not a big ask, is it? Clearly it is. Only ONE applicant read the full ad and managed to supply us with his reasons for wanting to work in recruitment. The others? Your guesses are as good as mine. Maybe it’s a numbers game………….let’s see how many jobs I can apply for this week. Maybe it’s just to keep the job seekers allowance flowing – cynical I know, sorry. Maybe they just can’t be bothered, I mean, why read the full job description when it’s much easier to just hit the ‘apply’ button and let the website do the rest.

So, our campaign to recruit talent and to grow our team continues. The vacancy doesn’t have an application deadline date, so it will remain open until the right person is found, and we will find that person or persons. But here’s a little advice whilst you’re job hunting………

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