Viewpoint: Recruiting Health and Life Sciences Professionals for business in the Liverpool City Region

by Giles Hampson

Matt Biagetti, Invest in Liverpool recently asked me for my thoughts on investment and recruitment within life sciences in our region - here's the full article

Conversations about attracting new companies to Liverpool nearly always involve the subject of recruitment.  Potential investors are looking to understand the strengths of local universities, salary levels, and the availability of talent.

Requirements could be fairly general such as sales staff, or more niche such as laboratory analysts.  Giles Hampson is Managing Director of local recruitment company, RMG based near Sci-Tech Daresbury.  RMG specialise in recruitment in the life sciences sector, and we asked him for his thoughts on the sector.  Giles says:

“As a leader of a life sciences business, three of the most important success factors are;

A reliable source of money and people often governs a company’s location, and there has never been a better time to choose Liverpool.

The City itself boasts high-class universities with a reputation in health and life sciences, there has been significant redevelopment at Alder Hey and the Royal Liverpool Hospital, attracting leading clinicians and researchers to the area – all feeding into a buoyant healthcare ecosystem.

There is strong support in the region in all areas of professional services, and RMG can help specifically in the area of recruitment and talent attraction.  RMG have carried out companywide expansions for start-ups and newly relocated businesses in this area, with a focus on identifying and delivering outstanding talent that adds commercial value.  The company’s experience demonstrates that there is not only a sufficient talent pipeline in the region, but also a growing “expat community”, ie; people who have worked in other regions for larger businesses but are happy to relocate, if presented with the right opportunity professionally. “

If your company is looking to expand in Liverpool City Region, in the health and life sciences sector, please contact Matt Biagetti at

You can reach Giles Hampson, MD of RMG at - 01928 711800

Source: InvestLiverpool

The above article was written and produced by Matt Biagetti, Invest in Liverpool and published online.

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