Very basic interview tips… and I mean the VERY basics

by Anita Caldwell

Sometimes being reminded of the basics is good for us all. Advising graduates on very basic interview tips for first time company interviews, makes you realise that these still hold true at any stage you attend interview in your career, including at senior level.  

See below for these ‘obvious’ basics!


NB: Prepare as well for a first initial interview with a recruitment consultant as an ‘actual’ company, rather than thinking it ‘is just with a recruitment agency’. I can assure you a close relationship with a dedicated recruiter will pay back dividends to you in your career and will act as part of your market networking to help you open doors into companies and interviews for the future. At RMG, we work on an exclusive ‘retained’ basis with our clients rather than as a database agency, and this means we work as a dedicated partner with our clients. We hold all first stage interviews on their behalf and recommend the tight shortlist of candidates that our clients should meet.    

On the day:

NB: Over many years I have seen too many times people who think they do not need to be courteous to our receptionist, PAs or myself if greeting at the door, but think this is only needed to the ‘actual interviewer’! How foolish is this, to show your true colours, especially when we do get to know if our colleagues have been discourteously treated. And this trait can hold true for some new-graduates proud of their status, forgetting themselves, or unfortunately a small minority of senior candidates with misplaced superior attitudes and proving their low ‘genuine people skills’! 

Basics in the interview:

Leaving the interview:  

If you require more detailed tips or information about ‘Interview Preparation and Questions, Making an Interview Presentation, CV Advice and Dealing with an Offer’ please click here to see the Candidate section on our new website.

Good luck in your next interview

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