Tiny 'Fitbit' can track your body from within

by Michael Allen

It seems that we're less than two years away from tiny dust-sized wireless sensors, which are implanted into the body or the brain and send out information about neural activity using ultrasound waves, being tested on humans.

Many have mentioned that this sounds like something from a science fiction film, but experts have already created a 'neural dust' that can be implanted into the body. 

The tiny wireless sensors will be placed in the body to track neural activity in real-time, to monitor people's health from the inside.

The technology has been demonstrated successfully in rats and could be tested in people within two years, researchers have now said.

It's exciting to learn that these devices offer a potential new way to monitor or treat a range of conditions including epilepsy and control next-generation prosthetics.

Compare this new technology to the current medical technologies, which employ a range of wired electrodes attached to different parts of the body to monitor and treat conditions ranging from heart arrhythmia to epilepsy.

The new sensors have no need for wires or batteries and use ultrasound waves both for power and to retrieve data from the nervous system. 

So what does this mean for the next stage of neuro tracking? and what impact will it have?

I'd be keen to learn what your views on this technology?

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