Tiny Device, Big Impact

by Callum Moore

In today’s world, technology plays an important role in the world of work as well as in our personal lives. I believe that – of all the industries that technology influences - healthcare is definitely one of the most important as these advancements can often be the difference between life and death.

Being a new entrant into the (healthcare focused) recruitment industry as a trainee consultant at RMG and growing my industry knowledge, I was asked to write a blog. So, armed with paper and pen I began to delve into this exciting space hoping to be inspired. This did not come in short supply, quite the opposite, but one device that really caught my eye was the Medtronic cardiac device Reveal LINQ. My family has had numerous problems with their hearts over the years with my grandfather having a triple bypass at a young age, so this special piece of kit struck a chord.

Reveal LINQ was specifically made for people with clinical symptoms of cardiac arrhythmias and for people who have transient symptoms that suggest cardiac arrhythmia. The use of this device is primarily aimed at helping doctors diagnose and treat irregular heartbeats that may be related to unexplained fainting (multiple studies have shown that 20-30% of fainting episodes have cardiac causes). The Reveal LINQ device is inserted through a small incision and injected 8mm under the skin of the chest over the heart. The device has sufficient battery life to allow for three years of continuous monitoring and Reveal LINQ communicates wirelessly with a patients bedside monitor that uploads the device data to the Medtronic’s system for analysis. Typically, after one or more heart recordings are made Reveal LINQ can determine if symptoms are related to an abnormal heart rhythm. The device can then be removed at that time with a quick, simple procedure and appropriate action can be taken.

As someone who takes matters of the heart very seriously, I was encouraged to see such innovative advancements across the market (Reveal LINQ is only one of a number of growing technologies within cardiology) taking place. I look forward to exploring the space more as my time in the industry progresses.

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