The ONLY reason to use video interviewing – from an old man’s perspective

by Chris Lewis

As a values-based executive search business, we promise to interview all candidates thoroughly before submitting their application to our clients.

We partner medical device businesses, both leading and start-ups, that offer the latest cutting-edge technologies on the planet and let me tell you, “it is a fascinating market to be a part of”.

We, as well as many other businesses, have adapted with technology to include online interviewing, which is beneficial when interviewing candidates abroad and when timeframes are tight. After much time spent in the field interviewing, as well as behind the camera of an iPad, I have a question which is causing me concern…

“By adopting online interviewing, are we offering the candidate a fair opportunity to represent themselves for the role?”

Studies have shown that candidates interviewed online are statistically less likely to be successful than those candidates interviewed face-to-face or over the telephone and I believe the key contributors are….

I recently spoke to a Business Unit Director who completed 28 online interviews before deciding on one, yes, just one candidate to progress with to the next stage – stating that there seemed to be a lack of enthusiasm in most candidates for joining his business.

Surely there must be a red flag in this recruitment process?

Were the candidates being judged on their quality of internet connection rather than their competencies against the role?

I would argue that online interviewing, which is undoubtedly useful in certain circumstances, should only be used in those difficult circumstances where a face-to-face meeting is not viable.

Yes, let’s move with technology, but we must keep some element of a traditional process in place to ensure fair candidate representation is key to any recruitment process.  

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