Talent with quality and success will follow

by Chris Lewis

Spoken by a recruiter, who was recruited by a recruiter, who was recruited by a recruiter....

It is no coincidence that the recruitment industry today contributes a huge part of UK service revenue, with the latest figures anticipated to be worth approximately £40bn in 2016. With this sector being so important, providing jobs for some 90,000+ in the UK (the equivalent to Wembley Stadium being filled!)... why do some still look at the recruitment profession as being an 'unnecessary evil'?

The answer is very simple - those individuals have had a bad experience with a recruitment 'professional'.

This isn't uncommon, as with any other industry, there are good reputable businesses as well those with a questionable method of working.

As a business that relies on external support to recruit talent, when there is unquestionably a talent shortage out there, what key points do you need to look at when looking for a potential partner?

Here are my thoughts....

Offering the right solution - there is more than way to recruit. Retained search, Headhunting, Advertising led and Contingent (success only) methods - make sure you are getting the right solution for your business.

Communication - open lines of communication throughout on both sides.

Honesty - managing expectations, not 'selling a CV' - it if can't be found, don't promise to find it!

Quality - it takes one person to fulfil a role, so there is no need to interview and screen every CV you get. Be wary of a partner who sends you 10 CVs for one role - do all of those individuals fulfil the brief?

Reputation - there is nothing worse than identifying a great candidate for your business, only to hear they have a poor perception of you as you work with questionable recruiters, sending out an inconsistent message.

Where we stand....

At RMG we tailor a talent acquisition method that suits the role and how you, as a client, want to attract talent efficiently. Our flexibility ensures we truly understand your business needs and the best way to get to successful conclusion - adding value to your business growth.

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