Still Growing Up At Twenty Five!

by Joshua Guest

With our 25th birthday fast approaching, the team at RMG have been feeling particularly pensive. 

Listening to everybody's thoughts on subjects such as our history, our values and what our future may hold has been an interesting exercise (it is worth noting that the team at RMG is comprised of people from several generations, some younger than the company itself, so these thoughts and their various justifications vary wildly), but one theme that is consistent across the team is that RMG is entering into its most exciting phase yet. 

This optimism feels great around the office, and whilst I wouldn't consider myself a cynic, I was curious to dig a little deeper in order to discover the basis of our buoyancy. After all, it could be argued that, at 25 years old, we might have done the majority of our growing up - however as we close out our first quarter of 2019 I am pleased to say that this couldn't be further from reality. 

We are closing the first quarter of the year having enjoyed a record sales month and on track to achieve our 2019 target (which would represent our most successful year ever). This strong start follows our strongest year to date (2018) and our strongest in almost a decade (2017) - both of which represented growth of over 30% against the preceding year. Looking beneath the surface, these growth figures have been achieved by a record number of senior placements in 2018 (56% against the preceding year), made possible by our record number of employees (having grown the healthcare team by 125% in the last 12 months). 

Further recent and noteworthy milestones include our partnership with the Northern Powerhouse and the appointment of a new Managing Director following a Management Buy Out (arguably the catalyst for the aforementioned growth).  

RMG in Partnership with Northern Powerhouse

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