So it’s that time of year again, the time for New Year’s Resolutions!

by Donna Lund

Love them or hate them, we’ve all made them, you’ve had a lovely break from work but the first day back is looming, same old commute, same old faces, same old routine! Your thoughts are filled with finding a new job, your dream job. By the end of your first week, playing catchup after the break, your dream job is a distant memory. You’ve not yet got round to updating your CV, you’ve not found time to update LinkedIn or register with a headhunter.

January is a great time to kick start your career and job search. We’ve noticed that businesses start thinking about the year ahead, departments have their budgets confirmed for 2016, business plans kick in, growth plans start and that means businesses are looking for fresh talent.

If you don’t do anything about your career NOW, it’ll be Easter before you know it!

If ‘find a new job’ is top of your New Year resolutions and before it’s too late, use the Christmas break to…

Get your CV updated
Update your LinkedIn profile and connect with people that can help you develop your career
Get out and about, get busy networking
Only apply for roles you know you would flourish in
We are always looking to engage with talented candidates to meet growing demand from clients in our specialist sectors. So whether you are a graduate looking to embark upon a successful career or a senior executive looking for your next board role, contact us to discuss your career options.

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