Small things, big difference!

by Anita Caldwell

Well it’s often the small things that matter and make a difference to take you ‘out of the crowd’

..And this applies in life as in recruitment.

The little ‘something’ that means a lot to someone in life - a thank you, some real understanding, some courteous feedback, or an update about what’s going on.  

That little something actually can add significant value in a recruitment process and can mean the difference of a campaign being concluded successfully or not.

Selling our proven experience and confidence to new clients can be hardgoing in a competitive market, as many of our differentiators are intangible…but they are real! They are why we can deliver results for our clients. 

The difference is based on experience. The added value can be often based on something as ‘small’ as genuine courtesy. It is about our 10, 15, 20, 30 years’ understanding of people’s behaviours in a career and recruitment context, pragmatic reality and partnership with our clients and successful control to manage campaigns to completion, including through offer negotiations.

Working on a retained, dedicated basis for our clients, we are our clients’ voice in the market, and their ambassador. Courtesy matters, two-way feedback matters, and genuine ‘selling’ also matters, to find out and truly match two-way requirements and expectations of our clients and candidates.    

See our testimonials, which reflect why we pay attention to the small things that differentiate us from the crowd. We hope to have an opportunity to prove this to you, either as a candidate or a client, as we also understand these are one and the same, depending on your situation at points in time in the market.    

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