Retained Recruitment - all you need to know

by Michael Allen

What is it?

A retained service offers you a dedicated solution, to ensure that your critical vacancy is filled in an effective manner with the right candidate.

When you retain us on a recruitment project, we are engaged exclusively to you. We take the time to conduct a thorough search to ensure the best available candidate in the marketplace is recruited.

Why Choose Retained?

A retained search is wholly different to the ‘success only’ service you’d expect from a recruitment agency. Agencies typically only engage with ‘active job seekers’ significantly reducing your candidate pool. A retained solution provides full market access and is ideal in a market of skills shortage, where there are more good jobs than good people.

Industry data suggests that 5 times the amount resource is spent delivering a retained service against an agency offering. This time allows the recruiter to cover the entire marketplace and consider many qualified candidates, ensuring a successful conclusion.

How Are Payments Structured?

The structure of fees is staged in line with the delivery of different stages of the project. As a client, you see a tangible return on investment at each stage of the process.

Stage 1 – The first third is due upon instruction. This works as a guarantee and enables your retained partner to allocate resources and time to the project

Stage 2 - The second stage is due upon presentation of a competency-interviewed shortlist of candidates, who want and can do the job

Stage 3 – The third and final payment is due upon formal acceptance of the role and completion of the process

Overview of Retained Recruitment

This is a true win/win situation. You receive a thorough search due to more time and resources being dedicated to your vacancy, which means minimal time investment for your internal HR and management teams. We take the time to represent your organisation professionally to prospective candidates and you also receive a much higher level of screening and evaluation.

We deliver an unrivalled commitment to service delivery and the fulfilment of your needs.
It is a highly effective, flexible and less prescriptive recruitment solution to sourcing the very best employees. It is important that your management team, your HR team and our consultant /project manager work effectively together to insure an effective search for the right candidate.

Client Benefits
• Access to passive candidates who are not available elsewhere in the market place
• A more effective recruitment process due to added resources being dedicated to the position
• A client driven process, individually customised to you
• Candidates being interviewed for your specific vacancy - adding value through tailored questioning
• Clear message to the market
• A shortlist of greater quality, committed and selective candidates outside of the open database marketplace
• Retained Project Managers handle a lower volume of assignments than contingency to ensure their results


“The service we received from RMG exceeded our expectations. The consultant was highly professional, knew our market, understood the brief and delivered a number of quality candidates for the role. Working in partnership with RMG to recruit, saved 95% of my time, which enabled me to concentrate on the business and deliver my day job” - Jenny Fuller, Operations Director - Berkley Care Group

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