Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance - Talent Mapping

by Oliver Duke

The chances are you will book your holiday well in advance of your departure date. Planning for a wedding or similar important event will also likely be weeks or even months beforehand.

Can the same logic be applied to your recruitment strategy?

When recruitment needs arise there can be a flurry of activity with a focus on trying to simply fill the job, rather than addressing strategic talent acquisition. Sounding familiar? If you typically struggle to recruit the best external candidates when vacancies arise in your organisation, you can avoid this through forward planning and RMG’s talent mapping and tracking service.   

What is it?! 

Talent Mapping and Tracking, sometimes referred to as Talent Pooling, is a strategic tool which helps Boards and HR specialists plan long term talent acquisition strategies by providing ongoing research and intelligence about the best talent in other organisations in the same industry.

Over a 6-18 month timeframe a strategy can be executed to raise the profile of your company and increase your chances of bringing the absolute best candidates to your business, not just the best available at a given time.

As leaders in Talent Mapping and Tracking (just Google it, we're #Number1), RMG identify competitor structures, reporting lines and roles of responsibility, capturing information about key individuals background, successes, hygiene factors such as remuneration, and most importantly what are the factors which would persuade them to consider joining your organisation. RMG build this intelligence over a sustained period of time, providing you with detailed reports, so you can…

• Gain valuable insight into competitor structure and strategy
• Reduce recruitment spend and improve your return on investment
• Complement internal succession plans with likely availability of external talent

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