Out in the Field! Familiarisation

by Jenny Robbins

The initial contact with Sygnature Discovery came about through Josh’s network. He was introduced to the business through a mutual connection whom Josh had previously recruited for. The agreement turned around quickly, from an introductory conversation to a verbal agreement in a few days. The focus of our trip was to gain a deeper understanding of the company and to explain in detail RMG’s retained recruitment process. I had set myself a target for the first quarter of 2018 to go to at least 3 client meetings. This was my first.

Before the meeting at Sygnature Discovery, I was asked to research the company and the market, and to prepare fully on our objectives for the day. The research into the company proved quite fascinating, showing a successful business in the process of extensive growth with a backdrop of scientific discovery and innovation. The actual expertise provided by the company were extremely technical, but nonetheless absorbing, their predominant service being to undertake integrated drug discovery to attain small molecules with the potential to be advanced into clinical development and beyond.

The meeting itself was extremely enlightening. As my first client meeting, I was unprepared for the level of understanding and clarity that the hour and half conversation gave to the recruitment process.  In that time, I was given a thorough depiction of the company – what they do, their USPs, their priorities, and their plans- as well as given an insight into the role of a recruitment consultant at that stage. It is a very important part of RMG’s process, getting to fully understand their client’s needs, making sure ideas are aligned, and each stage is fully understood. It is vital that we comprehensively grasp not only what a company is looking for, but their culture and their journey, only then can we find the perfect person to add value over time and really make a difference to their team.

The meeting concluded with an agreement in principle to begin the project the following week.

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