It’s great up North!

by Karl Bradley

The North, in my opinion, is a great place to be. There are three things I love about it, the people, the food and Liverpool Football Club. I have always lived in the north. I was born in Chester, brought up in Merseyside, studied in Leeds and since returning from the other side of the Pennines, I’ve delved into the world of business and want to see what this region has to offer from an economical and industrial point of view.

The most recent and prominent initiative to influence this end of the country is the 2010 introduction of the Northern Powerhouse; a proposal that has been designed by the 2010-2015 coalition government to improve economic growth in the North of England. In order to achieve this, their strategy includes investing in skills, innovation, transport and culture. So far, it has touched on several sectors and been the catalyst for notable developments such as the new southern entrance to Leeds train station, which has reduced travel times from the station to the southern part of the country and a large scale marketing project at Manchester airport, touching over 27 million people per year from as far as China and USA.

However, there are parts of the Northern Powerhouse proposal I personally find more interesting, these are the initiatives investing in the areas of science and innovation. RMG work directly within this space, so the interest is in part due to my exposure to these markets. In the north and on the door step of RMG’s office we have the world-renowned Daresbury Science Laboratory, which is a home for the research and innovation of medicinal products. In Macclesfield we have Alderley Park, another world-renowned science laboratory which offers exceptional bioscience facilities and has also been named “A centrepiece of The Northern Powerhouse economy”.

After researching the developments of The Northern Powerhouse I’ve seen what this region has to offer and I’m thrilled to see that the place I come from is flourishing. I am passionate about the North and since developing an interest in business, economics and life sciences, I’d like to play a part in the growth proposed by The Northern Powerhouse.

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