It’s ALL About The Quality

by Giles Hampson

Before you jump to the conclusion that this article is a beauty parade about the quality of RMG’s work – it isn’t. However, if you’d like a steer on that issue, please visit our testimonials.

This piece is centred around the rapidly increasing demand of quality and regulatory professionals in the life sciences and medical devices markets.

In the last few months, RMG has been mandated on an increasing number of positions of this nature, which has led me to explore the factors and issues leading to the demand for talent in this area.

It is not difficult to see the reason for increased focus on regulatory affairs, certainly in the medical device and in-vitro diagnostic markets. The implementation of MDR and IVDR is causing a number of companies to scramble around in a similar fashion to how mainstream businesses are setting themselves up for GDPR.

The quality market is an interesting one. There is evidently a number of highly-skilled, and highly-experienced, quality professionals in the marketplace, however, there does seem to be a shortage of highly-competent ‘leaders’ in quality departments, leading us to attract more campaigns for this level of post.

Through speaking with contacts and candidates in this market, it also seems apparent that more is being asked of ‘quality’ in terms of strategic contribution and challenge. Too often seen as the ‘sales prevention department’, quality has a lot to offer in terms of broader business strategy. I have recently shortlisted for a Head of Quality role for a UK manufacturer and was quite astonished to see the difference in calibre and foresight of seemingly ‘similarly qualified’ professionals.

Given the increased commercial impact that an engaged Quality and Regulatory depart can add – it’s incumbent on business leaders to ‘listen to the quality and regulatory voices’ in the leadership team. This is only feasible however when you have the right people in the business.

If you’re considering making a change or development in your quality or regulatory department, please feel free to get in touch confidentially to discuss how RMG can help.

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