Going for an interview …? ‘Olympics’ career and interview tips…

by Anita Caldwell

What a weekend for the UK in ‘The Olympics Games’, showcasing our athletes ‘passion’ and ability to succeed and surpass their goals. Giving us the overriding feeling of their enjoyment in what they do in their sport, and that they know they have a ‘job to do’ in gaining a medal (as many have referred to it this weekend.)     

If you are a candidate about to attend an interview, take a tip from these athletes, as what an interviewer also needs to feel or see from you in an interview is your passion for whatever you do in your work, or something in your life. It may be the pride of how you achieved a KPI goal, or led a team, or succeeded in contributing to completing a project, etc… or something you love doing outside of work.

What is needed is that flash of genuine passion an interviewer senses when you suddenly speak with passion about something in your life that means a lot to you.

Sometimes an interviewee can be coming across as being quite flat, (maybe if introverted or a little nervous) but then a certain question triggers this reaction which shows the candidates passion about something they really care about, and shows their real personality and leads the interview into warmer ground.  

Conversely some interviewees are ‘practised’ at interviews, and feel they know what they ‘should be saying’ or are overconfident in everything they say about themselves, and this flash of genuine passion will come across and the interviewer will feel they have ‘got through’ to the ‘real person’.  

In your career it surely makes sense to also try and aim for the style of role that will give you those elements of true passion and joy in your work? So try and aim to work in a sector or role that fires your imagination, even if you feel you have to take some steps to make that move. Remember you are in charge of your own career, and as many athletes have said this weekend if you take the necessary day-to-day steps to achieve and you ‘control what is controllable’ you can get to your goal.  Find a job where you match the company culture and allows you to develop and act in a natural way.

And as with Mo Farah if you get tripped along the way in an interview or your career, just be ready to get up immediately and carry on regardless to prove you are a worthwhile candidate in your interview or to succeed long-term in your career.

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