Exhibiting at Trade Shows.....necessary evil? essential?

by Chris Lewis

It is conference season again and love it or hate it, exhibiting your products at shows seems to be a must for many market leaders and start ups. When speaking to candidates and clients alike, the response to the annual conference seems to be one of ‘ergh…it’s that time of year again’

So the question is, how effective are these shows in promoting your products?

From speaking with candidates and clients who attended UKRC in Liverpool recently, the response has been – "the room was quiet", "it was the same old faces" and "there was nothing new and exciting to talk about". When speaking to someone from a leading business in Diagnostic Imaging, the response to the question – "Why do you exhibit there?" The response was "Because we always have done!"

In contrast, my colleague attended the Neuro Rehabilitation Expo in London last week. Exhibitors were global device manufacturers with new and exciting products to discuss, and networking around how best to approach the UK market. There was a buzz, an excitement and energy in the room.

Marketing is fundamental to any business strategy moving forward, but is spending tens of thousands of pounds on exhibitions? Is there a sense of ‘keeping up with the Joneses’? 

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