Digging Deep

by Joshua Guest

Recruitment is a fickle game.

Nine times out of ten, if we control the controllable factors and work hard to identify, attract, engage and assess the markets best talent, it is typical that a successful outcome will follow.

At RMG we don’t sell smoke and mirrors or bravado. We don’t blow hot air and promise the impossible. We don’t sell a quick fix, speed or a supersized database. We sell time and we sell expertise:

We take recruitment projects from cradle to grave and our nine stage recruitment process is tried and tested. If you want to hedge your bets, we’re as safe as it gets.

But what happens when none of that matters.

What happens when we’ve scoured the market from top to bottom? When we’ve engaged with an extensive list of candidates and engaged with them again just to be sure? When we’ve utilised our network and contacts to expand our reach and when, despite all of this, the right candidate remains out of reach. Sometimes, despite what I’m supposed to tell you (that we never fail, that the process always works etc.) some recruitment projects don’t go to plan. Candidates seem to evade or don’t engage, the message doesn’t land and time starts to run out. What happens then?

I am often asked this question by prospective clients when we meet for the first time and, going back to my earlier point (smoke and mirrors, bravado etc.), my answer is always an honest one. We dig deep, we work hard and we find a solution. The aforementioned skills are fine, but on the rare occasion they don’t deliver there are two further traits that will ensure we find a successful conclusion for our clients – determination and resilience.

In my experience, there is always an answer. We simply have to seek it above all else.

At RMG we really understand and appreciate the issues at stake when recruiting talent. We genuinely seek to add value to our clients and as such, we will not stop until we have achieved that objective. In an industry in which the norm is to walk away if a project proves too difficult (if an agency is working on several projects at one time - all on a success only basis - then they must use their time more sparingly – I'll save that subject for another blog) we will always go the extra mile for our clients and ensure a successful outcome.

It’s what we do - ask me about it.

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