COVID Recruitment Market – ‘What’s happening’?

by Anita Caldwell


As award-winning search specialists (headhunters), long-established in the Chemicals and Healthcare sectors, we’ve worked through previous difficult recessions; this market is unprecedented with the uncertainty about ‘what’s next’.

Having worked throughout COVID lockdown, we’re not complacent and feel fortunate our expertise lies in sectors essential to the COVID-effort and the wider UK economy.

There is confidence in our sector and a need to push on.

When the going gets tough, the tough get going... keep going, try to keep going!

Although there are many people in the market from less fortunate sectors, including from Chemicals and senior professionals – due to restructuring, down-sizing and redundancies, there is still a shortage of the highest-calibre talent.

The current market is very active and it’s more volatile than pre-COVID – it’s more aggressive; exceptional candidates are getting snapped up with offers and often have 1 or 2 other offers too.

There is a 'pent-up' desire to recruit, as companies want and need to invest in key talent to drive growth and not be left behind by active competitors, maybe starting to attract their staff.

Certain clients recruited new roles throughout the summer lockdown (including a role at Director level) and they definitely 'stole a march' on the market to secure exceptional candidates, by being fast-paced, decisive and taking advantage of a less competitive field. Ambitious, progressive candidates are attracted to this confidence.

Now the market is much more competitive, with active mandates for early 2021 starts. Using a retained approach is even more relevant in this market.

How else can you really compete to attract and secure the best talent (often in good permanent roles) rather than resorting to be the highest bidder?

A successful ‘retained’ advocate will promote your differentiated opportunity as an allied partner and help you evolve and compete as needed.

Anita Caldwell, Principal Consultant – Chemicals, RMG - 07760 445183, 01928 711800

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