Busting the Myths of a Career as a Recruiter!

by Joshua Guest

When considering your place of work, what are the things that mean the most to you? Typically, when I ask people this question I receive one (or more) of the following answers:

These answers are all reasonable and understandable, and sound familiar (right?) yet when I ask people

What are your perceptions of the recruitment industry? I usually receive one (or more) of the following answers:

This type of discussion is a regular occurrence in my world. RMG is a growing business and has added three new recruits to our healthcare team in the last six months alone. Yet the process involved in these appointments can often be a frustrating one. This frustration can come down to a number of factors, but a common problem I face is that a role in recruitment is often viewed as something to be avoided at all costs, or at the very best - the last resort.

Now, as we all know, the recruitment industry is saturated (there are more recruitment companies in the UK than places to eat...including kebab shops!) so I can't speak for all, but I can honestly say that my experiences within RMG don't correlate with most people’s perceptions. 

In my six years with the business I have been offered numerous opportunities to stretch myself, repeatedly taking on new challenges and responsibilities and progressing through the organisation in turn. I have enjoyed developing long-lasting relationships whilst recruiting a large variety of roles at increasing seniority levels, watching the people I recruit into those roles make a significant difference to the companies they've joined (in some cases adding millions to top line revenue or raising significant sums of investment - tell me that a machine can do that?). I have travelled the country meeting clients of all shapes and sizes within every corner of a fascinating industry, all whilst working with a team of passionate, friendly, ambitious people....oh and I've never worked a weekend. 

So, are the candidates I am interviewing misinformed? or is RMG just different? It is difficult for me to say for sure, as RMG is the only company I have ever worked for in this industry, yet I would wager that the opinions of many (and the reputation that this market is branded within general) cannot be unfounded - after all, there is no smoke without fire. 

I would, therefore, like to dispel the myth that is attached to a career in recruitment - or at least a career in recruitment with RMG. Whether you're a recruitment consultant who's experienced a lifestyle as listed above or a new entrant to the industry, unsure of the move you're making, I encourage you to pick up the phone and speak with myself or any other member of our team about our experiences so far. 

You might just find out that we're not like the rest.

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