Beat the odds to win the recruitment sweepstake

by Chris Lewis

With the World Cup due to take over my life outside of work for the duration of June and July, I was very happy to receive the group email asking me to be a part of the age old tradition of the world cup sweepstake.

With baited breath I was allocated 3 teams  - hoping to receive Germany, Brazil and Spain not the actual result of Iceland, Saudi Arabia and England, knowing all 3 have little or no chance of making me a return on my £3 investment.

If only I could ensure my investment was going to get me the best talent? The chance of a positive result on my deadline of the 15th July, and not an early bath – watching on in jealousy as people around celebrate success for their investment.

This point brought me on to the investment our clients make in us as an Executive Search business, and how pivotal it is to ensure their investment is rewarded with high calibre talent and not the look of envy when their competitors parade the trophy.

Reading through an article in Aprils edition of MyNonExec “The Recruitment Sector Barometer” – Executive Search is due to be the star performer of Q2 2018 and predictions say that 61% of business owners predict it to grow against Q2 2017 – outshining Success Only and Temp markets by a significant amount. It is no secret that an established Executive Search firm in any market would demand a premium rate vs Success Only and Temp firms, but if you could ensure your investment would acquire great talent that add value to your business – surely that investment is justified?

The question that any potential buyer of retained search must have answered before making the investment is……have I done my research to ensure that this provider would give me the very best opportunity to draw Argentina – and have Messi and Aguero at my fingertips? Do they have the skills, reputation and market knowledge to get me the very best?


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