A Different Way....

by Chris Bate

It’s amazing how far healthcare has come and great to see that the boundaries are continually pushed to ensure we are as happy and as healthy as can be.

Recently, an operation to repair the spines of two unborn babies with Spina Bifida, the first of its kind in the UK, was completed.  Although this is not a world first, as they have previously been completed in US, Switzerland and Belgium, it is great that this can be offered on our shores, meaning mums-to-be can have their families present for support and they don’t have the added expense of traveling out of the UK.

This risky procedure that can induce premature labour was completed at University College London Hospital (UCL) by a team of 30 doctors. Moving forward this procedure will be available at UCL and through the Centre for Prenatal Therapy at Great Ormond Street Hospital. Previously this condition, where the spinal cord fails to develop, would have been treated post-birth but the sooner the treatment can take place, the greater the impact for better, long-term health.

Both mothers and babies are believed to be recovering well.

Advances in healthcare and technology make these headlines possible, and re-inforce that sometimes there is a different way, just like in our industry. Just because your recruitment has always been done that way, doesn’t mean it’s necessarily the best way.

Just like these recent operations, our solution not only saves time but will provide the BEST possible outcome, through finding the BEST person who will add long-term value to your business.

So, if you struggle when it comes to recruiting, my question to you is….”isn’t it time you did it another way?”

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