Case Studies

Head of Quality – Brunel Healthcare

RMGs association with Brunel dates back some four years, where we have been involved in various manufacturing, technical and commercial appointments.

The company has enjoyed some major successes recently, increasing revenue and widening their offering in the market. This resulted in a requirement for a Head of Quality to lead the division through this period of growth and contribute to the further strategic direction.

We were tasked with identifying talent who not only carried credibility from a quality and technical perspective, but were also charismatic enough to lead an existing and loyal team, and give the quality department a ‘voice’ within the broader business.

Through a targeted, nationwide search campaign into competitor businesses and associated manufacturing areas, we were able to attract a strong shortlist of talent who, not only could ‘do the job’, but ‘wanted’ to do the job, giving Brunel the benefit of options in a notoriously ‘hard to attract’ functional discipline.

The company were in the beneficial position of being able to make a fantastic appointment, of an individual who not only met every criteria required of Brunel, but also brought some additional qualifications and expertise to the table to benefit the company.

We look forward to continued association with Brunel as they work towards their stated growth plans

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