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Strategically working with Board and Sub-board level talent to identify the next career move

It is often said in our line of work that one must treat candidate and client on an equal footing, as it is regularly the case that candidates become clients and clients can become candidates.

This particular project was a shining example of working with key talent. In this regard – the person in question had enjoyed a long and successful career with their previous employer, who were, in fact a client of RMG. They had chosen to exit the business following a head office relocation and were therefore confidentially ‘in the market’ for a new role. His previous employers dealt with the matter professionally and amicably, but it was not in anyone’s interest for the situation to become public knowledge in the short term. The challenge presented to RMG was to pro-actively explore opportunities and interest in the market, whilst respecting the confidential nature of the situation and bringing about a successful conclusion for all parties.

RMG diligently engage with carefully-selected companies with whom the candidate had an interest in and whilst there were some opportunities that didn’t excite our candidate, and equally some companies that weren’t excited by him either, we were able to progress discussions with a short list of organisations.

The process became elongated over a number of months and a great degree of patience and process management was required to ensure that all parties remained engaged. The outcome that everyone was looking for was reached and the person has taken up a role in a business where his skills are directly transferrable and where he can add value to his new employers.

There is also significant opportunity for headroom in his new role and RMG look forward to adding further value to his new employer, which we have welcomed as a new client for 2018.

This piece of work exemplifies our deep sector knowledge of the healthcare space – our expertise enables us not only to know where to look when identifying outstanding talent for our clients, but also where to guide board and sub-board talent when they’re considering a career move.

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