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Regional Business Head - Olympus KeyMed


Having managed the recruitment campaign in mid-2016 for a key commercial hire, RMG were delighted to be entrusted with the recruitment of Olympus’s Regional Business Head for their Medical division, yet another crucial appointment.

Olympus’s ambition was to recruit a highly credible, motivational and astute business segment leader with experience of managing through change. Whilst Olympus enjoy majority market share within the flexible scope space, competition for their ancillary products is fierce. For this reason the business also required an individual who is adept at driving organic growth in one area whilst ensuring market share was not lost in another – a sizeable task.

Olympus envisaged this individual coming from a number of high profile medical technology companies. Direct therapy experience was highly preferential although not essential.


Olympus’s reputation in the market is one of quality, professionalism and success. Their brand is well known and well respected. Unfortunately (for the purpose of approaching candidates) there was a high level of sensitivity surrounding this appointment, and the project was undertaken under non-disclosure, rendering the strong reputation of the business of little use. This also meant that any information shared with potential candidates had to be carefully chosen, and that candidates were largely in the dark about ‘whom’ and ‘what’ they were potentially interested in.

Having identified over 150 candidates for the position who appeared suitable ‘on paper’ the process of elimination could begin. Naturally, a proportion of this number would be 'closed' to an approach regardless of the opportunity. The remaining individuals were required to enter into the non-disclosure agreement before learning any more than the basics. Releasing further information returned a level of interest from approximately 30 people.

Once candidates were engaged, our focus was purely assessment. A number of aspects ranging from candidate skills and experience to practical information as well as some of the softer, more subjective factors such as culture fit and alignment with company values and vision were measured, this information was then fed back to Olympus as part of the shortlisting process (for the candidates put forward). Our shortlist of 5 was the culmination of over 20 competency interviews (initial talent pool 150, longlist 30). Having managed the process for almost a month at this stage we were convinced that we had an excellent shortlist.


As always – when dealing with people – it is important to expect the unexpected.

Over the course of a recruitment project it is sometimes the case that a candidate will remove themselves from a process. This can happen for a number of reasons (internal promotions, personal situations, cold feet…the list goes on). What is important in this situation is to ensure that the clients’ interests remain front of mind. This situation arose during the course of RMG’s campaign – unfortunately post shortlist. A second approach to market was necessary. Although the pool of potential talent is significantly smaller at this stage, it is important to remain steadfast on the competencies set at the initial briefing meeting.

The process was repeated in detail, and a further small batch of candidates was presented.


Following the presentation of a further batch of individuals Olympus were able to conduct a swift interview process of their own. Following further consultation with RMG regarding candidate expectations and a final sense check from senior leaders within Europe, an excellent offer was tabled.

The candidate in question accepted the offer and commented on RMG’s management of the process. They are due to start later in the year.

Olympus Corporation

The Olympus Corporation is a Japan-based manufacturer of optics and reprography products. Established in 1919, the business is headquartered in Tokyo, Japan.

Initially branded as Takachiho Seisakusho, Olympus was founded by Takeshi Yamashita, and began as specialists within the fields of microscopy and thermometry.

Since it was founded just less than 100 years ago, Olympus has grown into a global market leader – specialising within Camera/Audio, Medical, Life Science and Industrial sectors. Olympus Corporation is currently made up by over 124 companies, employs over thirty thousand people, and has net sales of over 800 billion yen (FY2016)

Olympus Medical

Olympus’s medical business segments account for over 75% of global net sales. Specialists within the fields of Endoscopy, Endotherapy and Endosurgery Olympus work extensively within the fields of Gastroenterology, Gynaecology, Urology, Pulmonology and ENT.

Olympus KeyMed

Olympus KeyMed, based at Southend-on-Sea in Essex, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Olympus Corporation and a key member of the global Olympus network.

The company has specific responsibility for the development and manufacture of Olympus’s market-leading specialised medical ancillary products and industrial equipment for distribution worldwide.

The company is one of the global business centres for Olympus endoscopy products and the exclusive distributor and service centre for the entire Olympus range of flexible and rigid endoscopes, accessories and ancillary products in Great Britain.

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