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Country Manager - Paediatric Medicine

Overview – Strategy - Approach – Outcome

Having tracked our client for over 5 years through their development – RMG were delighted to be appointed to recruit their first key hire – a UK/Ireland Country Manager.

Our client, who had developed an innovative treatment within paediatric medicine, had the ambition to attract a key performer from a ‘blue-chip’ pharmaceutical business who could deliver against the founders and the funder’s expectations.

With respect to our client, their name was largely unknown at the time in the industry and the opportunity at hand was one that would ‘excite’ people and ‘put people off’ in equal measure – it was, therefore, necessary to research and identify a wide talent pool to approach.

Aside from blue chip pharmaceutical experience, they were open minded to the ‘experience on paper’ which in its own way made the project more complex. Their key requirement was to attract the right ‘motivation’ as well as someone who would thrive in the entrepreneurial environment.

Having identified over 150 candidates, more than half of this group were ‘suitably qualified’ on paper after initial dialogue and discussion but the key challenge was to entice these individuals to engage in some dialogue about an opportunity in a start-up business with no real revenue to speak of and entrepreneurial ownership. The biggest challenge was to overcome the perceived ‘comfort blanket’ of the corporate pharmaceutical environment.

Once we had gained momentum on the project and were starting to see confirmed interest from candidates, the focus switches somewhat….

It becomes less about “how great this opportunity is” and more about “how great are you for this opportunity?”

After personally interviewing around 25 candidates to arrive at a shortlist of 5 (the initial talent pool was 150+) we were satisfied that we had the very best talent available in the market and our client was able to conduct a swift interview process with the peace of mind that any of the 5 shortlisted candidates could do the job.

One element of the process that is important but rarely mentioned is to provide objective feedback and advice to the client throughout their interview process.  In this particular instance, our client had two candidates at final stage interview who were a great fit for different reasons, as somewhat of a detached third party we were able to offer some key advice relating to the original briefing that helped them to make the best hiring decision.

The offer process was managed professionally to a successful conclusion; the client commented on a painless and supportive recruitment project which enabled them to focus on business critical matters such as securing further funding and planning a successful product launch. The appointed candidate was grateful; to RMG for convincing them to ‘hear us out’ on the initial approach call!

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