Case Studies

Regulatory Director - Vitaflo


A new position within the business, Vitaflo needed to recruit an individual to guide them through the Regulatory minefield that surrounds clinical nutrition supplements and feeds. Vitaflo engaged RMG on the back of successful recruitment in the sales and marketing disciplines.


Our strategy was to headhunt into North West based healthcare and pharmaceutical companies, targeting individuals working in a senior regulatory capacity. The brief was very specific, we were looking for an individual with a deep knowledge of DCP, MRP and labeling. We presented a shortlist of four candidates to Vitaflo. At the end of their interview process we recruited the position, the successful candidate was working in a similar capacity for their direct competitor and was looking for a role with greater scope and responsibility so the fit was ideal for both parties.


One of the other shortlisted candidates had a very strong background in operations within the food industry. Vitaflo decided he could bring valuable experience to their business and subsequently offered him the position of Operations Director, a new role within their business.

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