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Supply Chain Demand Manager


We worked with Müller Dairies, the well-known and fast paced food manufacturing business based in Shropshire, in the UK. This successful, growth company has established themselves in the UK over 20 years in one of the fastest growing grocery markets, benefiting from their strategy of using hi-profile, regular media advertising to promote their locally focused and healthy brands.


RMG was invited to work with the company at an early stage of a restructuring process in the Supply Chain, with the aim to build support in some customer facing areas and also focusing on the long term succession planning for the wider department. We were asked to give early input with regards to different commercial options for its restructuring plans. As things progressed, we were required to evolve with the client on an ongoing basis due to changes in their expectations and circumstances. This included unforeseen internal moves in the senior management team, external market availability of high calibre candidates in the particular sector and the company being based in an acknowledged ‘difficult’ location to attract candidates. We were appointed to look for a Demand Manager to work within Supply Chain.

Understanding the brief as it changed, we worked very closely with the team of HR and line managers throughout the recruitment process, giving on-going market intelligence, feedback of candidate availability and salary levels. We also met frequently to ensure we were kept abreast of any further developments.

Our approach combined a ‘widely briefed’ eye-catching advert with an underlying direct head-hunt search process. From this, we were able to provide our vetted short-lists of candidates that matched the experience levels required and the demanding customer-service focused culture of the company.


During the campaign we successfully worked with the company to deliver two completely different levels of short-listed candidates.
This case study does highlight that our style is all about working with our clients as a close, trusted partner, recruiting not only for straight-forward campaigns but sometimes ‘sticking with it’ and being tenacious and patient as sometimes events take more difficult and unexpected turns for the business.
RMG would be pleased to supply references from client contacts as needed.

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