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Leading Pharmaceutical Company - Talent Mapping & Tracking

We undertook a significant Talent Mapping campaign on behalf of a valued client seeking to bolster their talent acquisition strategies.

The organisation is a c£110m t/o UK business and part of a €15bn operation employing 160k people globally. They have always been proactive with their recruitment strategies, continually seeking ways to improve talent acquisition and gain a competitive advantage.

During the initial briefing, it quickly became apparent that the continuing shortage of available talent in the medical device & pharmaceutical markets, and the general downturn in the recent economy, was making it increasingly difficult to attract the calibre of individuals they required, particularly from direct competitors. This is a situation that many clients face. Typically recruitment focuses on a specific position at a given moment in time, if at that moment the ideal candidate is entrenched in the post or for whatever reason cannot consider a move, what do you do? Recruit the best you can or wait in the hope the situation changes?

Having operated within the healthcare sector for over 17 years, RMG was well placed to propose an alternative recruitment strategy. The client has 4 distinct divisions each of which promotes products and services into specialist areas of the healthcare arena. RMG identified the 3 key competitors for each division, as well as recommending another 3 organisations where we believed talented individuals with appropriate skill sets could be found.

The initial stage of the campaign was to populate matrixes and organisation charts for each of the identified companies, covering reporting lines, team sizes and role responsibilities. In all over 200 key individuals were identified across sales, marketing and clinical disciplines. Once we were comfortable that we had the basic intelligence correct, we began the engagement process to identify the genuine talent in the industry. This involved directly, yet discreetly, speaking with every individual to understand their role, background, aspirations and grievances, and most importantly their calibre and if indeed they are an industry high flyer. Following initial contact, conversations were continued in person to truly understand the individuals’ background and experience.

On completion of these initial phases, we presented intelligence reports back to the client, highlighting any individuals who could be immediately tempted into a new position. These were talented individuals working for direct competitors, who whilst not actively seeking new roles, were open to the proposition we put forward, a number of these were subsequently recruited.

We are now using this intelligence to work with the client in identifying recruitment plans for the forthcoming 12 months, based on the likely availability of key talent. Our ongoing management of the project ensures continued relationship building with the identified individuals and updates to the intelligence reports on an ongoing basis.

As well as improving the number of individuals recruited from competitors, the intelligence has allowed the client to adapt some of their strategies and become more aware of changes in the market. As a final aside, due to the way the project is funded the client has seen a significant reduction in recruitment fees, as well as the potential to see a dramatic improvement in time to fill.

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