Case Studies

Sales Team - Global Leader in Resuscitation Technologies


Our client is a global leader in resuscitation technologies, with a growing reputation and market share in the UK as a result of new product launches and strategic development of their business.

As a consequence of their growth the client’s business model was adapted. Traditionally the sales team had been responsible for engaging with end users, but their new way of working required someone to strategically engage key opinion leading clinicians with clinical data, whilst also positioning their offering with relevant non-clinical stakeholders.

The company’s perception in the market place was very important to them, and rather than advertise the position with a variety of recruitment agencies they decided to engage with RMG in a retained capacity.

Some of the factors that influenced our client’s decision to conduct this search on a retained basis included;


Once we had scoped out the search criteria and identified a list of in excess of 70 organisations to target, we were able to identify more than 150 individuals to approach on behalf of our client.

Although only around 3% of candidates identified ever end up on the final shortlist, the depth of research we conduct affords our client the peace of mind of knowing they have truly secured the best talent available, rather than a quick fix solution that may not provide the longevity and succession planning they’re looking for.


Having competency-interviewed in excess of 15 individuals for the role, we delivered a shortlist to our client and they were able to schedule interviews safe in the knowledge they’d be meeting quality candidates. From the shortlist the client selected two preferred candidates to take to final interview. The process was concluded with a job offer and start date in accordance with the timeframes they were looking for.

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