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Generalist IT/IS Manager


Our international client sought to strengthen its internal UK IT support, to improve delivery of key IS business projects at their UK Headquarters and communication with their remote centralised European Group IT team.


A new role was developed to be the catalyst and link on site between the business teams (to translate their needs) and the in-house third party consultants who delivered the day-to-day IT operational support to the local business. All group policies would also need to be adhered to. This role of Generalist IT/IS Manager would work closely with the executive management team and drive cost effective solutions and continuous improvements across all their business processes, including in Finance, Operations and Supply Chain. We sought a proactive candidate, with good interpersonal skills to drive this change.

The company had been looking to find ‘the right’ candidate with the required IT skills for quite a while and had chosen to work with known ‘specialist’ IT database agency providers, expecting this to be an ‘easy’ role to fill and such generalist IT Managers to be readily available on agency databases. The company were disappointed to find that the calibre of presented candidates ‘kept missing the mark’ and ultimately realised the amount of time they had lost in trying to conclude this role ‘quickly’.

The company has worked with RMG to appoint various roles in their company, and as such we have developed an understanding for their culture. The business approached RMG to help them out, even though they appreciated we are not “specialists” in IT. We were happy to do so, as we were confident to be able to take on this role and effectively deliver for them, through our logical search process.

Our approach is applicable to any other management discipline, as we are able to utilise our established search methods to tailor to any unique need in each campaign we undertake. Most importantly this involves us by understanding the brief up front and in particular the type of person required to fulfil this role.

Interestingly RMG found that selecting appropriate IT candidates from the overall response to be relatively straight forward at the first screening stage, as candidates either had the IT systems skills required on their CVs, or not.

It was at the 2nd in-depth stage of screening through our competency based interviews, that we were able to add value to the process. We were able to distinguish our top three highly-recommended short listed candidates to present to our client. These candidates offered not only a relevant track record of experience, but importantly matched their culture and offered exciting potential for future career development within the client’s business.


The client was delighted at the speed this campaign was concluded by RMG and by the calibre of short listed candidates presented after their past difficulties.

As a result RMG are also very confident and interested to work on other IT Manager roles for other clients in the future, ‘generalist’ roles which are clearly positioned to support a business across all its operational and corporate functions.


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