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European Director of Finance


Our client is a world leader in the manufacture of essential commodity chemicals, used in diverse daily products, at the time (2009) known as Brunner Mond (with a turnover of c£170m and employing 500 people. It had recently become part of the Tata Group, India’s largest business conglomerate, which had 96 companies across the world, including in the UK, Tetley Tea, Tata Steel (Corus) and Jaguar Landrover. Brunner Mond rebranded in 2011 to become Tata Chemicals Europe t/o c£200m, after also successfully acquiring British Salt.


Working with the MD and the HRD, I was approached to recruit a Board position, European Director of Finance, for this client. The current FD had been promoted within the international group.

We recruited through a full, open search and a Financial Times advert, and this was intelligently supported by targeted networking with the vast number of contacts we have gained in senior Finance and the Chemicals sector over many years.


Interestingly this retained senior Finance assignment was quite a difficult campaign to win exclusively with our client, due to the general market belief that the area of finance is a specialist sector, and the discipline demands a specialist agency approach.

This is not the case, and RMG is always able to use our proven, targeted approach to recruit in any discipline and for each unique, individual role, starting with a ‘blank piece of paper’ for each campaign.

Naturally, we also are able to use our track record of knowledge and experience, as appropriate in certain disciplines and this includes 20 years in-house expertise in senior Finance to use successfully and additionally for the benefit of our clients.

The successful candidate is currently doing well within the business.

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