Case Studies

European Sales Director - Life Enhancing Medical Technologies


Our client is a leading multi-national developer, manufacturer and marketer of innovative, life enhancing medical technologies in a variety of healthcare fields.  As a result of an acquisition the company entered the temperature management market. They engaged an established headhunting business to recruit a European Sales Director on their behalf, but unfortunately after 6 months the campaign hadn’t delivered the desired outcome. So after our successful pitch and following a successful track record in recruiting UK based individuals for the business over the last 5 years, together with our demonstrable expertise in the healthcare market on the whole we were selected as their recruitment partner.


Far from commencing the assignment from a standing start, there were over 100 individuals whom had been approached by the previous search partner.

Our task was to show discretion and avoid approaching these individuals for a second time, whilst also drawing up a target list of our own to identify candidates of an appropriate skill set.  With this in mind we conducted some in depth search of our database and contacts in the market and from this drew up a shortlist of our own which included competitor companies and businesses with a similar service offering. We identified individuals based in the UK and each of their key European markets, and the resulting shortlist was delivered inside 4 weeks.


As we were engaged following a previously unsuccessful recruitment campaign, naturally the project was already behind the client’s ideal timescales. Notwithstanding the time pressures we delivered a shortlist of highly skilled and relevant candidates that the client was very happy with, and the project is a great example of how we can solve recruitment problems. Since then we have been engaged by the business on other similarly challenging assignments, establishing ourselves as their ‘go to’ business when a position becomes difficult to recruit internally, and the impact of not having the right person in the role far outweighs the investment required to bring about a successful conclusion.

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