Your email address is very often your first impression

by Donna Lund

You may have had your personal email address for years now, but now maybe the time to change it.

We’re so attached to our personal email addresses we sometimes forget how others perceive them.

There’s no need to bin your personal email address, just don’t volunteer it when using it for professional use. It’s good practice to have a personal email address for social use AND a professional email address – just remember to check the inboxes for both!

Here are some key Top Tips on professional email address which will help you to maintain professionalism on your CV.

Keep it Professional

• snugglebunny@

Avoid nicknames, pet names, interests and hobbies in your professional email address. What do you think when you have to give your email address over the phone? The person you’re giving your email address to is probably thinking the same!

And be careful about political or religious references too – whilst you might be passionate about it, your potential new employer doesn’t need to know – they’re hiring you for what you can do, NOT was you believe in.

Keep it Simple


Steer clear of numbers and symbols and try to avoid double / treble letters – make your email address easy to say, understand, type or write.

Make it Appropriate

Your safest best is your name. If your name is more common than others, try to add a variation, consider your middle name or initial to make it clear that it is your name. What about adding Mr, Mrs, Miss or Ms to your email address?

Don't let an inappropriate email address be a negative first impression.


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