Year End or a Continual Cycle?

by Anita Caldwell

Well autumn gave way to ‘that time of year again’, with the excitement it all brings. But with your budget signed off and knowing how you want your team to look next year, you may actually be battling with a recruitment process or to complete an urgent vacancy hoping for an early year start.

Have you plans in place to achieve the ‘people’ landscape you really want to see throughout the following year? One thing is for sure, certainly don’t panic and believe a haphazard, uncontrolled recruitment approach will help you to speed things up.  

We can help you make preparations to get things underway to embark on a key piece of recruitment and would be delighted to talk to you during the next couple of weeks to make necessary plans and take initial actions. The cycle of recruitment doesn't stop for either of us.

Having many years of proven experience working with clients over this period, why not be a trailblazer into the New Year? We are happy to promote our services to you, as we are confident we can deliver results due to our proven structured search process that we tailor for each individual search.

Our candidates are sourced exclusively for your own specific recruitment brief, often people who are not actively looking on the open competitive ‘database’ market. We are able to complete and deliver desired results in fast, controlled timeframes working in our dedicated way, presenting a short list of vetted candidates typically 4-5 weeks from go ahead.

So, if you are contemplating timescales for an important role and how to recruit into the first quarter, please give us a call and let’s discuss how we could be proactive and manage this work for you to secure a high calibre person for you early next year. Someone who will make the impact you require and not be a ‘second best’.

Naturally we would also be happy to talk through your overall ‘talent’ plans for the year and discuss how we may benefit your business throughout 2016 as a close search partner.

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