The Shame of Malnutrition

by Oliver Duke

I was shocked and saddened to read the recent article “Malnutrition causing thousands of hospital admissions” by the BBC, which highlighted the increase in the use of foodbanks and the reported instances of malnutrition.

While we typically associate food aid and malnutrition with poor economies in far flung regions, it is clear that there is a real issue with malnutrition in our country which needs addressing.

I completely agree with the comments from the charity director of Age UK who states: ‘In a civilised society people should not be suffering from malnutrition’. It’s hard for many of us to relate to the situations described in the article, where parents are going without food so that they can feed their children and people were making choices about whether to pay a bill or feed the family.

Obviously more central funding will help, but I also believe more of us need to rediscover a basic sense of community which has perhaps become eroded, where we watch over the vulnerable people in our society.

I’d be interested to know if you were surprised by the article, and if you think this is an issue which will be more/less prevalent?

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