The Mitral Valve Rat Race

by Michael Allen

There are a number of medical technologies poised to make a big impact in 2016 and few hold as much expectation as the Transcatheter Mitral Valve replacement therapy.

Mitral Valve regurgitation is a serious condition where the hearts Mitral valve doesn’t close properly.

Blood leaks through the heart each time the left ventricle contracts and as a result blood can’t move through the heart or to the rest of the body as effectively. This can cause extreme fatigue and if regurgitation is severe enough, the forward flow of blood can reduce so much, it can cause heart failure.

The minimally invasive treatment to combat Mitral Valve Regurgitation enables a surgeon to implant an artificial valve using a catheter inserted through the arteries. It also prevents the patient having to endure open heart surgery, which can put huge strain on the body. The same minimally invasive method is used for Trans Aortic Heart Valve Implantation (TAVI)

So similar to the TAVI market, which has been a hot topic within cardio for a number of years now, it seems like businesses are in fear of missing out on this treatment and as a result have invested $2 billion in startup companies who are developing versions of this technology.

However, less than 100 procedures have been performed worldwide and it’s still unclear as to whether this method is more effective than other treatments or what type of patient would benefit from it most. The treatment is also unlikely to hit US markets until 2019 but the likes of Boston Scientific, Edwards Lifesciences and Medtronic have all invested and are looking to capitalize, so will Transcatheter Mitral Valve replacement be as big as a hit as they’d hope?

It will certainly be an interesting area of development and one that we will be monitoring closely, but the same ‘rat race’ comparison can be made in recruitment. Often businesses who have a vacancies will engage with a number of recruiters in the hope that they will fight between each other to find ‘the best candidates’. This method can cause challenges for the business as candidates often receive inconsistent information from the various recruiters who they speak too. The recruiters also rarely have the depth of information needed to provide a true reflection of the company they are recruiting on behalf of. At RMG we believe in our ability to know our clients inside out and can add value to their business over the long term. We live by and deliver on our values and welcome the opportunity to work alongside likeminded organisations.

So if you want to get out of the rat race, please get in touch.

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