The menu is not the meal........

by Giles Hampson

You can’t tell how good the food by reading the menu. Only by eating and sampling it can you tell for sure. My advice is when it comes to a prospective new employer, do the same. Speak to a variety of employees, check out the comments online, do all your homework and then ask to come in for a few hours and watch and listen to them in action.

Any offer and acceptance of employment  is a two-way street so any employer of choice will be happy to accept a request to “get to know you better”. Most employers will tell you they have a great training programme and have career advancement opportunities for the right people. So, get yourself in there, hear the real life stories of consultants becoming directors and senior recruiters and listen to just how good they are when they demonstrate the training they have had in a live setting.

I’m lucky enough to have made a living in recruitment for nearly 25 years and as well as still recruiting, I run a training and mentoring business for recruiters. In fact, I’ve been doing that since 1998. RMG are in the top ten percent of those I have worked with. Caring, considerate and consultative. But don’t just take my word for it – get in and find out for yourself.

Written by:

Warren Kemp CEO Recruitment Matters International, Managing Partner The Kemp Consultancy and author & presenter of ku.dos.

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