The Influencers in Neurorehabilitation

by Chris Lewis

A stroke is the leading reason for a patient needing neurorehabilitation; however there are many other causes such as MS, nerve damage/trauma and Parkinsons/Alzheimers. Though this is not new news and the use of various methods of neurorehabilitation is already established, recent times have seen a variety of advances in this field, with the market looking to grow consistently in the coming years.

Recent examples of cutting edge and leading technology in the field of neurorehabilitation include...…

• Medtronic’s Activa Neuromodulation device still leads the way on the drug-free treatment of Parkinsons and tremors, with a significant growth in the amount of patients in the UK treated in this manner

• Alter G – the providers of the innovative Anti-Gravity treadmill – previously used for a sports rehabilitation perspective, is excellent for the use in recovery from Neuro procedures

• Hocoma – a Swiss-based business who manufacture and market robotic and sensor-based devices for functional movement therapy – are developing new products on a quarterly basis that will expand the global presence – and are definitely a business to keep an eye out for in this field

The Neurological Rehabilitation Therapy and Technical Expo taking place at the Excel, London, on June the 16th and 17th will showcase the newest and most innovative inventions in this field. Though many of the most recent advances are coming from the US and Europe – it is great to see UK manufacturers having a presence at this event and competing with innovation in this affluent and high-growth market.

With this market looking to develop even further until 2020, I would be interested to hear if you are aware of any new technology or developments which may be the next revolutionary product in the treatment of Neuro disorders.

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