The Future of Technology in Healthcare

by Joshua Guest

An Unstoppable Force?

Providing the readers of this blog don’t reside in a very deep, very dark hole, they will recognise the importance and prevalence of technology in today’s fast moving and demanding society.

Whether technology is an ever present crutch, or an occasional distraction, it transcends generations, and is as much a part of our lives as air travel or fast food.

As technology advances, so does its versatility. Over the last decade, the tech world has seen quantum leaps forward in speed, accessibility and usage, with industry giants consistently pushing harder. These progressions have seen technology infiltrate almost every element of our daily life, and prompt the question – what next?

Technology in healthcare

Although initially slow to adapt, the NHS does seem to be building some momentum on this front, and the market is starting to grow, albeit sporadically. Schemes such as ‘a paperless NHS’ have paved the way for companies with innovative time saving solutions to wriggle into the healthcare market, with no intention of leaving anytime soon.

This opening of the door has highlighted the potential need for technology in other areas of care, with the nations care home providers seemingly starting to take notice.

A recent report published by Anchor has addressed opportunities as wide ranging as augmented reality and wearable technology, exploring  how these  different digital creations can breed an environment conducive to a longer, healthier life.

What does this mean?

Although I believe that the country's current crop of over 65s may not be the best market for innovative healthtec products and services. The momentum that this market is showing will only increase, and as the nation grows older, and technology continues to play an increasingly important role in our lives, I believe we should expect to see more and more assistive technology throughout care homes/hospitals and GP surgeries.

RMG have sector expertise in both Luxury Care and E-health, and we are incredibly excited by the developments in both of these markets. We look forward to witnessing further growth and partnering any organisations keen to add true talent to their burgeoning business.

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