Synergies | Recruitment & Rugby

by Grant Wain

Friday 20th September saw Japan launch Asia's first-ever Rugby World Cup with a victory when Kotaro Matsushima led the host nation to beat Russia 30-10 at the Tokyo Stadium. This victory comes four years after causing the World Cup's biggest shock by beating South Africa, Japan again took centre stage, but they were made to work hard by an unheralded Russian team.

More importantly (at least for myself), Wales will begin their ninth World Cup campaign today, and despite a string of setbacks including injuries and scandals, still look strong going into the competition. This is greeted with both great expectations and trepidation from anyone and everyone with the dragon in their heart. However, Wales has a lot of work to do. Just look at the performances from over the weekend as England, Ireland & New Zealand look strong following their first test. Also, the game between Australia & Fiji has shown just how competitive Pool D will be for Wales.

What does this have to do with recruitment? Nothing. I’m just enjoying the moment.

But seriously?

I work for a very successful executive search business where we pride ourselves on adding value and we do this by providing a transparent and thorough process with passion and honesty. We offer a bespoke and individualised service and by working in partnership with our clients they can be confident that the right people join, stay and add value to their business.

As with Japan four years ago as they beat South Africa, as with Ireland for their win over Scotland on Sunday and as with Wales today prior to their test with Georgia; a process and a plan will be in place to increase their chances of success. Albeit there are events that cannot be planned for during each test, a thorough process allows for a successful outcome more often than not and it is this attitude towards process where the crossover between elite sport and executive search at RMG lies. It is this attitude towards process that makes me proud to work with such a successful and equally ambitious business. It is this attitude towards the process that allows me to celebrate a Wales win (more often than not).

I’m hoping Wales have stuck to their pre-tournament process and I’m excited to see what encounters the competition will bring this year.

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