Successful Recruitment Outcomes – Choose Your Right Partner

by Giles Hampson

A client once said to me he wasn’t looking for a candidate ‘’like a horse that you constantly have to pull up the hill”, but one that runs with you.

Likewise for the recruitment partner you choose.

You want one that runs with you and is your partner, not one that falters if the going gets tough or needs constant prodding from you. A resourceful, experienced hand can overcome obstacles and will drive through challenges to guide you to the top with passion!

Some recruitment needs can be easy, and any recruiter worth their salt can do ‘easy’ appointments and run to the top, but for some roles, you will feel like you are flogging a dead horse.  Make sure you always partner with a recruiter who can advise you how to stay on track if the going gets tough and has the ability to work the more difficult ‘off the track’ positions; the ones needing initiative, tenacity and ingenuity to conclude.

As experienced Search Consultants, let RMG prove to you how we work quickly, unconstrained and sensibly with you, to guide you to conclude your own unique recruitment need and run with you to the top. 

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