New era's?

by Anita Caldwell

This is an interesting time of change, with big issues and decisions happening in the UK that will affect us all as individuals, in Chemicals and other industrial sectors in which we work.

We are part of it, as it is happening, the EU Referendum one of the biggest political decisions (and you could argue economic votes) many of us have had to make in our adult lifetime. From comments heard it is engaging the ‘youth’, knowing things will affect their future and own children’s future. And does anyone really know what will result from a decision either way, in or out of the EU. It almost feels the public are left making a ‘gut reaction’ personal decision rather than knowing what are true facts, although there have been convincing arguments to sway voters both ways from prominent people, business leaders and institutions. One thing is for sure, more is to come over the next three weeks. Will it be as close run as initially expected…?

Other current news is the fact a ‘Fracking result’ was announced last week, which is actually surprising enough in its own right that a decision has been made! Having listened to the debates at a Fracking conference and the views of many experts, it seemed a convincing logical, safe argument …except…there’s that selfish nagging doubt of yes..but.. would I (or you) be so happy if it was in our own back yard or favourite beauty spot….I somehow don’t think so. But is this the start of a new fracking and energy revolution, and we are seeing this new era and ‘wheel of industrial motion’ emerge? Interesting in the least, let’s hope it proves successful and for the good of the UK and all of us,  and I personally hope it moves forward at an acceptable pace.

On a lighter note we have Shakespeare in the topical news and from a business point of view we are excited to be having an extraordinary year that is rewarding us by recognition in our markets. Having won the inaugural Chemicals North West ‘Business Services Supplier to the Chemicals Industry Award' earlier this year, we are delighted to have been shortlisted for the same category 'Chemical Industry Service Provider Award' at the National CIA Awards later this month. RMG is also delighted to be a finalist in the Warrington Business Awards also, which take part next week, for the categories of ‘Employer of the Year’ and my colleague Giles Hampson, RMG Director-Healthcare one of three finalists for the ‘Business Man of the Year’. I wish ‘Good Luck’ to Giles, and all finalists at both the upcoming awards. I am sure whatever the results they will be thoroughly enjoyable evenings and it’s an honour already to be nominated. If you are attending either of the award ceremonies, please look us up or let us know beforehand, as we would be pleased to say hello on the night.


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