Nature or Nurture?

by Anita Caldwell

I write this blog as we celebrate RMG’s 25 years’ anniversary.

This is a light-hearted 25 years+ look back, as a woman in recruitment - who recruits professionals into industry and welcomes trainees into our team! 

So … Think of the advice you got as a girl from your parents, school, college/University, first employers (or you are getting now)…and with the sounds of this advice ringing in my ears …..and the well-meaning ‘nurturing’ advice’ and ‘my own Chimp thoughts’ from the past goes!

Albeit, options were not far outside of Lawyer, Teacher or Doctor..!

I work as a specialist Search Consultant within the Chemicals sector and related Technologies, a role I thoroughly enjoy (which suits my ‘nature’).

I firmly believe in the influence of ‘nurture’ and have seen the immense changes in attitudes over the last 25 years’ to now allow women to equally compete in business and industry today, if they wish. I believe there has been a marked step-change in the confidence of young women regarding their natural expectations of competing equally in their careers in the last 5-10 years.

Having had an established career in recruitment which has evolved with the revolutionary face of recruitment and my own work-life needs, I am happier to recommend a career in recruitment to female (or male) graduates than ever before. It seemed in the past, people mainly ‘fell into’ recruitment by having the career path suggested to them due to their style, more recently it has become accepted as a valid professional career choice for graduates and can also act as a stepping stone into many other avenues, including Sales, Account Management, HR etc.

Establishing a long-term career in recruitment enables you to grow and develop your experience and skills to work in different ways that suit you. I have evolved with the changing nature of recruitment throughout my 25 years+, although I strongly believe the fundamentals, courtesies and good ethics remain the same (or should do), it is a good career path if you are interested in understanding and dealing with ‘People’ in a sales or account/project management style of role.

Graduates have you ever thought of a career in recruitment’s one to look at…?!


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