Medica Musings!

by Giles Hampson

It’s two years since I last attended Medica Trade Fair, not only was it an eye opener but a restoration of faith for me that there is so much innovation and technical progression in the industry.

Yet despite ongoing economic uncertainty in broader macroeconomics over the last two years, and the subsequent Brexit decision, my faith remains that the wealth of the healthcare market continues to thrive.

Many of our clients have been in attendance again this year at Medica, not to mention the 30 Welsh medical companies that will be attending as part of a trade mission, it is encouraging to see British healthcare and medical device businesses continue to carry a large presence at such a global healthcare event like this.

Undeterred by Brexit, we are seeing positive investments and actions throughout the healthcare arena with two RMG clients successfully securing major investment to scale up their business, contributing to the positivity in the industry.

I was cautious to note a recent article on the NHS restraints, further exemplified by recent news that Germany spends £900 per head more on healthcare than the UK. In the current uncertain political climate, Brexit negotiators are under great pressure to secure a workable deal - their ‘promise’ to divert £350m per week to the NHS is now a distant memory!

Events such as Medica open us to other international markets, they help us identify growth and development and despite current uncertainties, the future does look positive, I met with a client of mine on Friday who had been in attendance at the event and  commented as to how many leads and opportunities were secured – The melting pot that is Medica is still returning rewards for those willing to brave the long walks and mammoth halls!

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