Making a move to the dark side? Loss in credibility or opportunistic?

by Chris Lewis

Working as a headhunter in a very specialist market such as healthcare means that often we are speaking with individuals who are in direct competition with the clients we are representing. The response when we first engage with a potential candidate can make or break the direction of the call and conversation, with the response when we reveal the competition quite difficult to gauge.

When you have been approached through a headhunter to work for a business in direct competition with your current employer does it give a genuine excitement or make you nervous?

This dilemma often comes up when speaking to a pool of candidates and the responses come very mixed from the "I don’t care, look after number one!” to the “They’re a great company but I will lose my credibility in the market!”. Making the decision to change employers and making a career is a decision that should not be taken lightly in any circumstances and is something that some people only choose to do once or twice in their entire career.

With so many factors to be taken into consideration when choosing a new employer such as…

- Are they a good company

- Can they offer me better circumstances then my current employer

 -Will I be happy in this new role

……….should the question of credibility and competition come into the equation?

Email me with your opinions, if you either made the move to a direct competitor, or if you're one of those that have been approached and decided not to pursue the opportunity? 

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