Keep Calm & Carry On

by Anita Caldwell

Following on from a highly recommended visit back to the IWM ‘for a closer look’ after this years’ CNW Awards, this well-known message seems as pertinent to me today, and currently relevant to us all in the UK!   

Whatever your political views, currently we are in a situation that surely none of us want ‘for the UK’. Being in continued limbo, seen not to be able to organise, plan, compromise, lead, be open-minded, welcome talent, and especially within our political system (correct me if I’m wrong, see below.) Our respect and stance have been weakened, if we like it or not, even though there is a wave of grit and determination to succeed in the Chemicals industry. Companies are needing to be agile to succeed and are adapting to this market, striving for growth as leading-edge innovators in their niche arena’s, or dominating their specialist offering as one of the market leaders, many companies are finding it tough and also ‘battening down the hatches’.  

Working as a Search consultant within the Chemicals sector for many years, it would be interesting to understand your views about how all this is translating into your current recruitment strategy and has been influencing your ‘talent acquisition’ and ‘succession plans’ in the last couple of years.  

Please take part in our brief questionnaire, to air your views and comments related to this subject.

I hope to be able to gain enough interest and valid responses (anonymously, if preferred) to feedback these comments in return to you, and our many other valued contacts within this sector, (including to the Brexit CNW group overlapping with REACH, if of significant interest.)

I am proud to work within the UK Chemicals industry, across its wide and diverse spectrum and as one of the largest contributing sectors within UK industry. It is excellent to know our Chemical industry spokespeople are being proactive leaders and advocates to Government, (looking to plan, organise, continue to encourage skill talent into the UK etc!); through such groups as the CIA and The UK Chemistry Council are stating commercial reality in industry and trying to support all our futures. 

Keep Calm and Carry On - Brexit and Recruitment

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