International Appointments – bring them on!

by Anita Caldwell

There’s a certain added ‘interest’ factor in working on international search assignments, experiencing the different culture of the ‘new’ location and discovering the accepted professional style and different business practices and courtesies of the area. It also makes it increasingly evident how small the world has become through all our available communication channels and that RMG can recruit ‘as normal’ using our proven search approach for any role.

If anything, some companies nowadays believe they can ‘easily recruit themselves’ due to the masses of personal career data online that’s accessible to us all. We find such companies often approach us to take over the assignment after swamping themselves by volume information and highly irrelevant candidates.

A successful headhunting recruitment campaign still comes down to effective control and targeted selection. It is about having the necessary research expertise, and a proven disciplined approach to find, select and attract the best ‘unique’ candidates from the most relevant arena’s and aligned business culture to match the brief, wherever it is located. It is also about delivering a successful outcome, with the candidate adding strategic value to the business long term.    

We have also been approached by many UK clients to extend our services to recruit for international roles because they prefer to work with someone who ‘knows’ their group culture and who they trust to manage and deliver on a remote campaign (however difficult the remit may seem at the outset), rather than going to a ‘local agency’.

One example of this is some recent work with a successful and highly innovative international corporate business and a leading global distributor of speciality chemicals. We recently recruited two important senior international roles on their behalf, working with the Regional UK & Nordic HR Manager and with the local business leaders to appoint a Managing Director for their Canadian business and very recently a Nordic Regional Business Manager based in Denmark, to replace key retirees.

Throughout these campaigns it was refreshing to liaise with candidates from these different regional cultures. They proved committed, highly determined professional applicants throughout, conversely showing surprise and appreciation for the common courtesies extended by RMG as we kept all applicants up to date with the progress throughout the campaign, even when unsuccessful, (apparently, we were told, a rare occurrence for recruiters ‘to bother’ in the current recruitment world!).

Through the beauty of Zoom, Skype and Teams, RMG is able to competency-interview all our selected candidates to produce and recommend a highly relevant shortlist.

So yes, in summary...bring them on!

RMG enjoys working with our UK clients on international assignments and has a track record of expertise and tools to be able to help you effectively. So let’s do more of it with you.  

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